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"The enforcement or defense of
the rights of natural or juridical
persons is considered the sublimest, the most soul-satisfying and the noblest of all professions.

Justice Jose P. Bengzon


"…the rewarding satisfaction that I have always complied with my duties in good faith and the best of my ability"


Jose F. S. Bengzon Jr.

The Bengzon Law Firm traces its history from the two distinguished legal luminaries of the Bengzon clan, Justice Jose P. Bengzon and his son Jose F.S. Bengzon Jr. Justice Bengzon served in both the executive department and the judiciary. He was a former Secretary of Justice, Presiding Justice of the Court of Appeals and Associate Justice of the Supreme Court. Mr. Jose F.S. Bengzon Jr., on the other hand, served as a member of the Constitutional Commission that drafted the 1987 Constitution of the Republic of the Philippines. Both gentlemen had distinguished and accomplished careers in law.

In 1951, after serving as Secretary of Justice, Justice Bengzon founded a law office in his name. Mr. Jose F.S. Bengzon Jr. joined the firm six years later. Mr. Jose F.S. Bengzon Jr. would later become Chairman of the firm, a position he held until his demise in 1996. In the year 2000, the family of Justice Jose P. Bengzon decided that the legacy and tradition of excellence in the field of law of the Bengzon Law Firm should be continued by Ma. Romela M. Bengzon. Fusing youth, dynamism and experience, and guided by the hallmark of integrity and excellence, The Bengzon Law Firm now carries the torch once held high by two of the country's legal luminaries.

At present, The Bengzon Law Firm boasts of both legal ability and faithful adherence to ethical standards, professional reliability and diligence. The firm's partners and associates come from top Philippine law schools and have distinguished themselves academically and professionally. The firm's commitment to excellence and continuing development is reflected by the collective high level of skills of its members in all fields of legal practice.

The mural wood sculpture is the centerpiece of the inner sanctum of The Bengzon Law Firm. It depicts the proclamation of the Code of Kalantiaw, said to be the first codification of laws in the Philippines before the Hispanic era, and enacted by Datu Bendahara Kalantiaw in the year 1433 on the island of Panay. Discovered in a 2-volume work Las antiguas Legendas de las Islas de Negros by Fr. Jose Maria Pavon. Today the Order of Kalantiaw is the highest honor to be bestowed upon deserving judges or legal luminaries.


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